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Worm Thief

New feature development


New content will be added to the ABC timeline, an event is needed to keep the storytelling consistency.

Task Description

To explain the medal missing on the map, the idea of a "worm thief" is developed.


1 month


ABC team

My role

UI/UX Designer

2D artist



Adobe illustrator

Animation elements

breakdown of body parts for animation

Leaf note: left by the worm thief

(should not contain specific words)

split-screen script

Chasing light moving around like a police movie, at the same time, his cloak fluttered and a look of triumph crossed his face.
The medal is glittering in his tail.

After the chasing light going around for 1.5-2.5 secs, it focuses on the center, the worm thief winks with smug laughter, and at the same time the light circle gets smaller and disappears.

A leaf note flys in and stays for 1-2 secs.

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