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Practice Mode

New feature development


To offer users a comprehensive experience with various minigames, a new feature must be developed to allow users to explore and master all types of minigames in ABC subjects at their own pace and with greater flexibility.

Task Description

A practice mode was introduced alongside the adventure mode. This addition grants users greater freedom to experiment and explore without the pressure of performance being tied to star ratings or medal levels. It's designed to encourage a more relaxed and immersive learning experience, allowing users to focus on honing their skills and enjoying the process without constraints.


1.5 months


ABC team

My role

UI/UX Designer

2D artist



Adobe illustrator

UI buttons-1

Replacable texts for different languages

UI buttons-2

preparing for level-selecting functions in the future.

Level-selecting screen

preparing for level-selecting functions in the future.

Game cards layout

For the letter-tracing game, users must choose which letter they want to practice. (a random card included)

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