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Rocket Pet

New feature development


To significantly enhance initial user retention, we need to innovate and introduce compelling new features that consistently entice users to return to our product.

Task Description

Introducing a lovable pet companion in Albert Junior's product, residing within the rocket as a friendly companion to the astronaut, promises to elevate user engagement. Exciting pet-related events and interactions will captivate users, encouraging frequent returns to the platform.


4 months


ABC team

My role

UI/UX Designer

2D artist



Adobe illustrator

Gride system

The use of the grid system is a good aid to the positioning of removable assets and their positional relationship to each other.

Movable items




Color pallet

The color pallet for the rocket interior is set according to the color guidelines of Albert Junior. This will also affect the color definition of furniture and pet.

Pet sketch

quick sketch of the pet based on different shapes.

A vote is conducted among our target users to define the appearance and name of the pet and finally we have our Mochi!

Pet color combination

To ensure the visibility of the pet, the color combination is carefully defined tp provide more choices for users.

​Food & waterdrops

Interactable items

The collectible poo's appearance can dynamically adapt based on users' behaviors within the rocket, potentially enhancing its functionality in the process.

UI examples in different devices

UI buttons

Speach bubbles

Intro video


A mysterial present box from ABC friends arrived, click to open it!

Pet need water

Collect all waterdrops to feed your pet!

Pet reactions

- Jump_happy

- reject

- surprised

- being tapped

- angry

- show affection

- show affection_heart

- shake body

- IDLE_thursty

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