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ABC Linear Map

function iteration


According to user research, there is a need to increase the difficulty distinction of content in ABC, making it clearer that users can have a linear learning and escalating experience.

Task Description

​The purpose of this task is to create a linear progress for locations. there will be 7 difficulty levels for users to finish step by step. The locations will be unlocked one by one.


2 months


ABC team

My role

UX Designer




Map Icon

Medal icon bronze

Medal icon silver

Medal icon gold

Boss Fight icon

Timeline medal

New users/ Users who haven't finished the first location:

Avatar shows at house area

Users who finished all locations

Avatar shows at acorn house

Medal level

The medal level users will get depends on their overall performance in games.

Silver: 3-star exercises are between 50% - 99%

Gold: All exercises are 3-star rated - 100%

Bronze: 3-star exercises are less than 50% in total

Star rating

Each time users finish one exercise they will get a star rating depending on their performance. The star rating they will get will then be shown on the specific timeline dot for that exercise. Users can replay the same game to get a higher rating. The medal level will also change corresponding to the star rating.

Star rating depends on an exercise's incorrect states

no incorrect state = 100% correct.

100% correct = 3 stars

50% -99% = 2 stars

Less than 50% = 1 star

Avatar & medal


example of the positions that avatar and medals will be located separately.

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