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Accomplishment Rewards

New feature development


A stable currency system needs to be developed to build a buy-and-sell system over all subjects.

Task Description

The first step to building the currency system is to plan accomplishment rewards including daily rewards and rewards after different gameplay scenarios.


1 month


ABC team

My role

UI/UX Designer

2D artist



Adobe illustrator

UI elements

Money bar: maximum and minimum length of number.

timeline UI icon

Moneybag before and after collection

Interactable elements

Moneybag with tags

Idea generation

Sketch workshop within the design group to develop how users can get rewards.

Daily Login Rewards

Money amount & star rules

1 star = 20 coins

the money will not be saved if the user enters another location or quits the ABC subject.

Walking giftbox

walking path from right to left

(last for 15 secs)

Flying giftbox

Flying path from left to right

(last for 15 secs)

Fixed money plants

Money plants grow from the bottom of the screen

Moneybag in timeline

After every letter is practiced, and at the end of the timeline, there will be a moneybag to collect.

Coins in practice mode

Coins will pop up from the machine, click on them to collect.

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