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HEAT DEATH_画板 1.jpg

Heat Death
Exhibition design

Heat death describes a supreme chaotic disorder, a proposed ultimate fate of the universe. if we regard the universe as an independent closed system, then with the gradual increase of "entropy", energy. All material temperatures will reach thermal equilibrium, and all life in the universe will move toward the final decline. This exhibition argues that all behaviors of civilization are a kind of resistance to chaos.

The exhibition tries to establish a dialogue with the audience to discuss the possibility of the survival or extinction of civilization, the fate that human civilization may encounter in the future, and the choices individuals may face in facing this situation.


Groupwork by

TIDE Design Group

HEAT DEATH_画板 1 副本 2.jpg
HEAT DEATH_画板 1 副本 3.jpg
HEAT DEATH_画板 1 副本 4.jpg
HEAT DEATH_画板 1 副本 5.jpg
HEAT DEATH_画板 1 副本 6.jpg
HEAT DEATH_画板 1 副本 8.jpg
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