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logo design, visual identification

Founded in 2008, Yikun is a sports company focusing on the promotion of Frisbee sports, equipment research and development and production, training and teaching, competition, and international exchanges. The team has rich industry experience and is the first senior player and industry expert to contact and promote Frisbee in China.

In 2019, Yikun Sports kept innovating and trying new breakthroughs in technology and vision. This brand upgrade has added more sports elements on the basis of the original brand core. The smooth lines and technology-sense color matching, together with the new packaging design, aim to convey Yikun's future-oriented brand planning to the audience.


Designed by

TIDE Design-Chelsea.Wang, Jacqueline Dong

YIKUN 品牌-2-06.jpg
YIKUN 品牌-2-05.jpg
YIKUN 品牌-2-10.jpg
YIKUN 品牌-2-02.jpg
YIKUN 品牌-2-07.jpg
YIKUN 品牌-2-08.jpg
YIKUN 品牌-2-03.jpg
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