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visual identification

Probrite is a new lighting brand of Eran Group. It requests a young and attractive appearance on its website and information pages. Based on the new branding, bright orange is used to be the main color in order to increase contrast and vitality.

The keynote of this brand is dark so as to highlight the lighting effects of products.


Designed by

TIDE Design-Jacqueline Dong, Chelsea Wang

Eran 视觉-2-04.jpg
Eran 视觉-2-05.jpg
Eran 视觉-2-03.jpg
Eran 视觉-2-02.jpg
Eran 视觉-2-07.jpg
Eran 视觉-2-08.jpg
Eran 视觉-2-06.jpg
Eran 视觉-2-09.jpg

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