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Easy Diapers

Product Concept Design

RED DOT-05.jpg

Compared with other diapers, this product not only has the technique of revealing the baby’s pee but also can tell when baby poos through several ‘transparent’ circles. Besides, there are fluorescence circle lines on this diaper. When baby poo in the night, the excreta is a trigger of the fluorescence powder, and the diaper will shine like a glowworm.

These functions will help parents significantly to find any new situations that happen to their baby and catch the right time to change the diapers.


Groupwork by

Chelsea Wang as a lead designer

Easy diaper-08.png
Easy diaper-09.png
Easy diaper-10.png


For parents, it is difficult to define when is the right time to change the diapers. Whether the diaper is full or not. And this situation happens all day long, especially in the night.


Babies usually struggling when their parents check or change their diapers. So timing is important.


For the existing diapers, there is only a technique to see whether the baby pee or not through the three strips. But for poo, parents have to smell the diapers or open it up to check, even in the public area, which leads to a great inconvenience.

research, market background and significance, current situation and tendency

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The background of this project is based on the market demand for the convenience of existing diapers. In the online survey of the maternal and baby market in the early stage, , the global birth rate has shown a downward trend in recent years.

This trend may be derived from the pressure of baby-caring. Therefore, there is necessary to find a good design product to  assist parents to take care of newborns.

Diaper popular attribute

For the hot characteristic of baby-caring products purchasing and supply, Among the popular attributes of purchasing and supply, ventilation and dryness are the top two attributes in the most recent month.

These two attributes are reflected in the functional requirements of visualization of diaper replacement, which facilitate parents to know the best time to change diaper to keep the dryness and ventilation.

Easy diaper-20.jpg
Easy diaper-18.jpg

Diaper price distribution

In the diapers market, the main price distribution of paper diapers is shown in Table 4. 34.9-74 yuan is the highest purchasing range, 74-106 yuan is the second.

As a new type of diapers, the production cost is also controlled in the range of 34.9-106.

Easy diaper-11.png
Easy diaper-12.png

Baby urine flushes the fluorescent ink from the nappy, allowing the pattern to fluoresce faintly in the dark as a reminder to parents to change their nappy.

Transparent circle on the diapers makes poo able to be visible from outside.

Color changing from yellow to green makes pee to be visible on the diapers.

Easy diaper-14.png
Easy diaper-13.png
Easy diaper_画板 1 副本 4.jpg

Production process and Materials

Easy diaper-21.jpg

14. Translucent film materials.

a) Polyethylene: medical silicone (polymethyl vinyl siloxane) silicone rubber has good biocompatibility, is a biologically inert material, translucent, no irritation to human tissue, non-toxic, no allergic reaction, minimal rejection by the body; has good physical and chemical properties, and body fluids as well as tissue contact process can maintain its original elasticity and softness, is a fairly stable inert material.
Silicone rubber is a polymer medical material with excellent performance, used as a medical artificial material, it is relatively low cost and practical. Medical silicone is also a biomaterial used quite extensively in cosmetic surgery.

b) Polycarbonate (PC plastic): PC is an almost colourless, glassy, amorphous polymer with excellent optical properties. Among other things, food-grade PC is widely used in industrial renal haemodialysis equipment and other medical equipment that needs to be operated under transparent, intuitive conditions and needs to be repeatedly sterilised. Examples include the production of high-pressure syringes, surgical masks, disposable dental appliances, blood separators, etc. PC films are widely used in printed charts, pharmaceutical packaging, film commutators, etc.

c) polyethyleneterephthalate (commonly known as PET), with good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3-5 times higher than other films, good folding resistance; high transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, good gloss, non-toxic and tasteless, good hygiene and safety, can be used directly in product packaging.

1. 2. Wood pulp and SAP polymer: pure wood pulp / fluff pulp + highly absorbent resin (SAP / sodium polyacrylate) forming a mesh structure that is part of the absorbent core layer of the nappy (large cotton core + small cotton core).
3. 4. Upper and lower hygiene paper: the upper and lower h
ygiene paper are sandwiched between the two sides of the absorbent core and are combined and fixed by pressure to form the middle layer of the nappy material.
5. Deflector fabric: the material for the deflector layer of the nappy is a non-woven fabric made from special fibre raw materials (hot air/hot rolled non-woven)
7. PE film: PE film is used as a water barrier on the outside of the nappy and can also be replaced by nonwovens
10, 12. hydrophilic nonwovens (polypropylene nonwovens + surfactants) and water-repellent nonwovens, as a covering layer on the surface of the nappy
9. 13. three-dimensional envelope: PP anti-adhesive fabric (waterproof treatment)


National data(2018),Birth rate, Death rate and natural growth rate of population, available at:  (Accessed: 8 Aug 2018)

Ali Index(2018), Diaper data overview, available at: (Accessed : 17 Apr 2019)

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